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If your home was foreclosed upon, and the sales or auction price exceeded the amount you owed on the mortgage, then the Clerk's Office may be holding your surplus or equity money, to which you are entitled. Use the search form below to find out if the Clerk's Office is holding money for you. All fields are required.

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Property foreclosed? Cook Co. hold $16M in fund waiting to be claimed
Families who’ve lost their homes in Cook County due to foreclosure may actually be owned some money. Several elected officials have set-up what’s called the Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus Fund Task Force. [].

Foreclosed Upon? You May Be Owed Money
Roughly $16 million in mortgage foreclosure surplus funds are sitting with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County [].

$16M owed to homeowners in Cook Co. foreclosures
Some people who lost their homes to foreclosure in Cook County have money coming to them -- and they may not know it. If there is a profit from the final sale of a home in foreclosure, the proceeds go to the homeowner ... [].

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Property foreclosed? Cook Co. hold $16M in fund waiting to be claimed
Chicago Sun-Times - Lisa Donovan Cook
About $16 million is sitting in a Cook County court fund, just waiting for the rightful owners — namely home and business owners who lost their property to foreclosure, officials said Thursday. more

Cook Co. reaching out to those due money after property foreclosure
August 25, 2011|By Mary Ellen Podmolik | Tribune reporter
Two years after unveiling a search engine for former property owners to determine if foreclosure surplus funds due them, $16 million sits in an interest-bearing account with the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court. more

Cook County Owes Foreclosed Homeowners $16 Million
Progress Illinois
Nearly 2000 property owners in Cook County are owed a share of a $16 million mortgage foreclosure surplus fund. The money comes from foreclosed properties that are sold for more than what the owner owed to the bank. Cook County has been unsuccessful ... more

County Tells Foreclosed-Upon Homeowners: We May Have Some Money For You
The Consumerist - Chris Morran
The typical image of a foreclosure auction involves a seized house being sold for, at best, the remaining value of the mortgage. But that's not always so, with some auctions attracting buyers who pay ... more